I feel fine. Lam Rim

Por Pilar, el 02/02/2020

Falling, I opened my eyes.
Oh, bring me light down here I'm losing my mind!
Hold it! I'll get on my knees no more;
I'm feeling like I need to lead out my soul.
Now I believe; Do you wanna know something?
I can release every feeling I've got.
Out of my life! Do you think that I love you?
Why can't you see that I need you no more?
Oh, no! Oh, no, no no, no!
And I feel fine, yeah!
I wanna move on.
The things that I've done in my life
won't let me down.
And that's all fine, yeah!
I feel so good.
Wherever I find myself now
I'll carry on.
Falling from beautiful lies.
I've found myself again there's no need to hide.
Hold it! I'll rise to my feet instead;
I'm feeling like I need to shake out my mind.
I don't want another place to fall;
I wont be another friend to call.
Now I breathe as if I had it all;
let me be myself or let me go.